Do you have an Open House for interested parents?

No, we do not have a formal Open House for interested parents.  We invite interested families to come anytime to visit our preschool. The director will give you a short tour of the facilities and answer any questions that you may have concerning the preschool, curriculum, discipline, safety, etc. You are then invited to spend time in the classroom your child would be entering. 

When do I register my child?

As soon as possible.  We will begin registration for the 2024-2025 school year in February for new families. All current students will be placed before opening registration to new students. 

What are the steps involved in having my child enrolled in Joyful Noise Preschool?

  1. Please contact the preschool via telephone 717-764-9467 to set up a visit.
  2. Submit registration forms, signed tuition agreement, registration fee and authorization forms for automatic tuition withdrawal.
  3. If accepted, you will then have 30 days to submit immunization records and payment one of Option 2.
  4. You will then be invited to attend the Classroom Open House scheduled for May 2024, to meet and greet your child’s fellow classmates.

Do the children need to be potty trained before starting preschool?

Children do not need to be potty trained for any of our young three’s classes. Potty training is preferred for our three year old classes.  They do, however, need to be potty trained for our creative classes, and our four year old classes. 

What are Creative classes?

Joyful Noise offers creative classes that can be taken as an individual class or in addition to a preschool class.

We offer Arts Everywhere, FLEX, and Moovin’ & Groovin. A description for each of these classes can be found on the appropriate tabs on the menu above. You do not need to attend another class at JNP in order to register for one of our Creative Classes.